The Social Anxiety Poem

There once was a girl, scared to speak up

Made her fear that she couldn’t keep up

voice frozen, confidence shattered like

Broken shards of glass hard to Sweep up

drowning in waves of anxiety

Brain smothered from words hard to seep up

parasitic thoughts collecting, her

Mind bombarded with thoughts that heap up

felt her body constantly betrayed

when her rushing heartbeat would leap up

She became determined to vanquish

The suffocating thoughts that Creep up

Longing for the day she won’t worry

and emerge from depths, dark and deep. Up

No longer at the mercy of fears,

And overwhelming thoughts that sneak up


This is a poem I wrote about my struggles with Social Anxiety & Selective Mutism. It’s a bit vulnerable for me, but I hope someone out there can connect with this & know they aren’t alone.

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