The Social Anxiety Poem

There once was a girl, scared to speak up

Made her fear that she couldn’t keep up

voice frozen, confidence shattered like

Broken shards of glass…

I’ve always struggled with some of the more stereotypical things that come with ADHD like forgetfulness, not being alert, and misplacing things. I never really thought much about it growing up and brushed it off. Friends and family would joke about these things because they didn’t see it as harmful or worth looking into. My parents (mainly my father) would joke or talk about ADHD growing up, insinuating that maybe my brothers and I had symptoms, but nothing was ever done about it.

It was the subtler symptoms that slipped through the cracks unnoticed. Things like not paying attention in…

While reading the book More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth, I was hit in the face with her stories of not feeling black enough growing up. She shared experiences of growing up around white peers and conforming to fit in. She recognized the lack of people that looked like her in her favorite magazines and T.V. shows and made the (quite logical) assumption that being black isn’t ideal or something to be proud of. ( If you want to know more you should read her book! I promise it’s worth the read). While listening to her words — I had…

Moni Maria

I am a graphic design student, ux/ui designer interested in the intersections of black identities, mental health, feminism and pop culture.

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